Environment and Pollution

Environmental pollution is a broad concept which explains the pollution of various biological and physical elements of the planet as a result of human activities. Going by means of this definition, it can be categorized into a variety of types. When we speak about the different types, we generally refer to the pollution of air, water, and land. What we fail to understand, is the truth that this concept also includes noise pollution, thermal pollution, and radiation pollution. The factors which contribute to environmental pollution exist in plenty. That, however, is a quick explanation, and each of these is reasons of pollution which are attributed to several human activities. But it seems like we are now not aware of the reality that we ourselves are not protected from the hazardous consequences of the same. It's high time we acknowledge the fact that we are the ones who are responsible for this problem, and being the most sensitive species, the need is on us to take the initiative to protect our planet and control the damage made to save the environment. That, however, is solely feasible when we recognize that the pollution of various organic and physical factors of the environment is affecting us and threatening our existence.